Labuan Company Formation

Labuan (Malaysia), is one of the few offshore financial centres in Asia, has attracted many multinational businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world by using Malaysia as the hub for their international business.

One of the great things about doing business on this tiny island is the very attractive low tax regime, offering corporate tax rates as low as 3%.

A Labuan Company is the simplest form in Malaysia, where foreigners can own 100%. For investors who want to enter the Malaysian market, Labuan is absolutely the best answer for your offshore company.

Why Labuan Company?
  • Incorporation of Labuan International Company can be 100% foreign owned, without local Malaysia partner.
  • Yearly taxation on profit for Trading Company only 3%.
  • Zero tax on Investment Holding Company structure.
  • The paid-up capital of the Company can start as low as USD 1.
  • Simple structure only requires one Director and one Shareholder, both positions can be of the same person.
  • No Trade Licenses required for trading, e-commerce, import, export and consultancy businesses.
  • No Sales & Service Tax and GST for your sales transaction.
  • Labuan International Company for your International Trading Business.
  • The expatriate work visa is 2-years’multiple-entry, and it is renewable.
  • Low company paid up capital min. USD 1 for the 2 years’ work visa application.

Our experts have the know-how and capabilities to provide you with a bespoke structure in accordance with your needs and in compliance with the Labuan Companies Act (LCA)

Our services include:
  • Preparation of Information Memorandum & Articles of Company
  • Prepare all documents and forms relating to the Incorporation
  • Provision on Secretary and Registered Office
  • Printing of Statutory Book, Seal and Stamps

Labuan Work Permit

For foreigners, who wish to start a business and stay permanently in Malaysia, with the Labuan Company Work Permit, setup a company and you and your family will get a 2-year renewable multi entry work visa. This is very convenient for you to travel to Malaysia.

For faster access to Malaysia for 2 years’ Labuan work permit, we can assist you to set up the Labuan Company -100% foreign owned company with the lowest paid-up capital to operate your international business in Malaysia, corporate tax on net profit is very attractive at 3% only. Find out why now Labuan International is a very popular choice for all foreigners.

Labuan Bank Account

We are able to assist you to open business account in Labuan. Here is the list of documents required to set up an offshore bank account in Labuan:

  • The relevant document showing the source of your fund along with the business cash flow plan
  • Documents to prove your residential address
  • Complete information including name, nationality and other personal data of applicant to be filled in the blank form
  • Passport or identity card (for Malaysian)

Depending on the chosen bank, the conditions and documents needed for opening an offshore bank account will be vary. The offshore banking account application is submitted to a chosen bank, and you might have to wait before the approval, which will be entirely depending upon the process of the bank.

Type of Bank Account
  • Account type: Corporate Current Account
  • Currencies Available: USD, EUR, GBP, Multi-currency account available
  • Internet Banking
  • Average time to open the account: 2 weeks
  • Term deposits and Investment accounts available