Labuan Business Licenses

The benefits of conducting or doing business from Labuan IBFC are various.

The key of which is the fact that in Labuan IBFC no or minimum tax is levied on profit derived from offshore business. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that some offshore businesses must be conducted with valid license. We have experience in assisting our clients in applying for various licenses in Labuan IBFC. Labuan IBFC is well regulated. Applicants for business licenses must consider sound financial strength, solid and proven industry records, competency, fit & proper of key persons and sound AML/CFT practice as very important criteria when applying for business licences.

Our experts will advise you on perceptive licensing requirements, we will help to gather the relevant documents, complete questionnaires and fill in and submit licensing applications to obtain a successful result.

  • Investment Bank
  • Leasing
  • Money Broking
  • Securities Licenses
  • Insurance Related Licenses
  • Fund Management
  • Mutual Funds
  • Labuan International Commodities
Our Services
  • Preparation and submission of license applications
  • Drafting of Business Plan & Financial Forecast
  • Liaison with relevant authorities