About Us

Establishes and administers trusts that help protect and manage your personal and family wealth.

DCS Trustee Ltd (License No.: LMT0089) is a Trust Company regulated by Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA). We provide a unique offering of fiduciary & trust, trust administration and financial advisory services to protect and enhance your private wealth or corporate assets.

We also provide a full suite of incorporation, business advisory and license application services under the one roof. We tick all the boxes in managing your business and financial compliance, so you can focus on expanding your business in your target lucrative market.

To better serve our clients, we have expanded our business into the following countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

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Our Vision

We promote and provide excellent fiduciary & trust services to our clients.

We aspire to become a well-accepted reliable brand of trust company in Labuan and offer a range of modern and innovative financial and business services internationally.

Our Core Values
  • Our diverse workforce is the key to our keen ability to understand, embrace and serve our client globally and locally.
  • We're honest, transparent and committed to doing what's best for our clients and our company.
  • The most important aspects of a good business are sincerity &integrity towards clients, employees and business.


Our Mission

We will be open and honest in all our dealings and maintaining the highest integrity at all times. Become one of the top promoters of Labuan jurisdiction and one of the best recognized trust company in Labuan and internationally.

  • To provide timely and accurate information, implement suggestions from clients on how better we can serve them.
  • To discharge our duties with integrity, providing quality service and being reliable and responsible.
  • To enhance the company’s capabilities with reliable system and technologies.


Key Structure and Main Parties

  • Minimum One, either natural person or corporate entity
  • May be residents or non-residents of Malaysia
  • May also be one of the beneficiaries
  • May include individuals, corporate entities, class of beneficiaries or charities and are those who have vested interest in assets of the foundation
  • May be residents or non-residents of Malaysia
Council Member
  • Not a compulsory appointment, at the discretion of the Founder.
  • May be either natural person or corporate entity
  • May be residents or non-residents of Malaysia
  • Cannot act as Officer at the same time
  • Council is similar to the Board of Directors in a company context. The council is responsible to manage and oversee operations of the management.
  • Compulsory appointment
  • Minimum One, either natural person or corporate entity
  • May be residents or non-residents of Malaysia
  • Cannot act as council member at the same time
  • Primary duties are inter alia to ensure proper administration of the foundation and to carry out decisions of the Council
  • Compulsory appointment
  • The secretary must be a licensed Labuan Trust Company
  • Service provider to the foundation and performs a compliant agent function and acts as a conduit between foundation and Labuan FSA


Key Features

  • Mandatory to maintain a registered office in Labuan which shall be the address of the Secretary of the foundation.
  • No capital requirements as a foundation does not have share capital.
  • Minimum endowment of USD1.00 as an initial asset at time of establishment.
  • It is a legal entity with rights and status of a separate and independent person.
  • It can be shareholder of a company.
  • It can enter into contracts, buy and sell properties, own bank accounts or own shares or interest in other corporations.
  • For purposes of minimizing risk, it is encouraged that all trade activities (if any) should be carried out through an underlying company or partnership. Trade or commercial activities are incidentals or ancillary to its main purpose which is the management of its property.
  • All Labuan foundations are required to be registered with Labuan FSA.
  • May be fixed or infinite life span.
  • Assets of every kind, tangible or intangible, movable or immovable, may be endowed to a Labuan foundation. These assets are owned by the foundation and are to be applied according to identified purposes.
  • Labuan foundation for charitable purposes may hold Malaysian assets.
  • For non-charitable purposes foundation, prior approval from the Labuan FSA is required for holding Malaysian assets.
  • Founder may be appointed as sole council member and one of the beneficiaries.
  • Founder may reserve rights and powers in the charter or articles of the foundation.
  • Being a separate legal entity, if the transfer of assets was completed prior to the claim arising, the assets are beyond the reach of a creditor’s claim against the Founder. However, it is important that the transfer of assets:
  • takes place before the creditor’s cause of action accrued;
  • takes place two (2) years from date of registration;
  • must not render the Founder’s insolvent; and
  • must be made without any intent to defraud the creditor.
  • accounting records maintained in Labuan.
  • must be made available for inspection by officers of foundation.
  • Yes allowed. A foundation established in another jurisdiction may be legally redomiciled to Labuan and vice versa, provided that the other corresponding jurisdiction permits.
  • The foundation may be dissolved upon the passing of a resolution by the officer on the basis that:
  • the foundation is established for a definite period and that period has expired;
  • the purpose of the foundation is fulfilled or becomes incapable of fulfilment; or
  • the charter requires such dissolution.
  • After the dissolution, the ownership of the remaining assets will be transferred to the beneficiary.